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Agent Gold Image Console and its Operations

Enterprise Manager enables you to manage the lifecycle of an Agent Gold Image using the Gold Agent Images Console. The Gold Agent Images Console is a GUI-rich console that is available from within the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console.

Checkout this new video in Oracle Learning Library

Agent Gold Image Console

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Enterprise Manager 13c: What’s New in Database Lifecycle Management

A month back, Oracle announced the release of Enterprise Manager 13c. Enterprise Manager 13c includes several improvements over Enterprise Manager 12c, which was itself had witnessed pretty successful adoption over the last four years. Enterprise Manager 12c rested on the key themes of enterprise grade management, stack management and cloud lifecycle management. The 13c version simply bolsters those pillars.

Read about the new features in Database Lifecycle Management on Oracle’s blog on OEM


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Manage Consistency at Scale with Database Lifecycle Management Pack

When you are in management of large volume Datacenters and/or Exadata Systems, this new video just released in Oracle Learning Library gives you a great insight in the new Lifecycle Management Pack features of EM13c.

Yeah, I was pretty amazed…

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-08 om 16.02.07


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Incident Management new features EM13

I just came across some nice new features in EM13. When navigating to the Incident Management monitor we are used to get a listed overview of Events, Incidents and Problems.

Incident Management 1

However note the ‘Stopping light’ saying ‘Dashboard’ at the top of the page. When clicking on it, a nice new dashboard page is shown:

Incident Management 2

As you can see the upper part of the page includes several graphs showing consolidated data on your incidents.

Incident Management 3

When clicking ‘Customize’ at the top of the page, we are able to remove or add graphs like I show you in the next example:

Here I chose to add a Horizontal Bar Graph, showing Incidents categorized by Lifecycle status.

Incident Management 4

After pressing [OK] the graph now is added to our Incident Dashboard….

Incident Management 5

Just thought you might like to know….

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The Enterprise Manager Daily is out!

When you are in Oracle Enterprise Manager (and that’s what you are…) take a look at

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 17.06.39

Thanks to Raghuram Sripada

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Upgrade EM12c to EM13c, this is what I did


I am running a demo instance of EM12c on my Oracle VM guest running OEL 6, using 8192 MB main memory. I cloned the Oracle VM guest to work on the clone and leave the original VM as my backup.

Next I modified the Oracle VM to use 10Gb as this is one of the requirements for doing the upgrade (the runInstaller will check on this and tell you if not enough memory is assigned).

Read the rest of this entry »

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EM13c – Updating Oracle Management Agents Using Agent Gold Images

Enterprise Manager enables you to mass-update Management Agents using Agent Gold Images. An Agent Gold Image represents the ideal state of a Management Agent in a data center, having customized configurations of the desired versions of the Management Agent software, the desired versions of the monitoring plug-ins, and the desired patches.

Watch this new Oracle Learning Library Video 

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Start working with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

Yes, finally it is here and you can start downloading, upgrading and see what it is all about.

Start working with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 21.43.08

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: New and Exciting Features

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: What’s New

We just announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. Well, if the number 13 makes you jittery, rest assured that this new release is an improvement on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c which has witnessed unprecedented adoption among customers worldwide. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rests on the key themes of enterprise grade management, stack management and cloud lifecycle management. The 13c version simply bolsters those pillars.

Read more about what is new in EM13c



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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Hardware & Virtualization Management

For sometime now, we have been wondering when the newest release of Enterprise Manager – EM13c will be available to all of us.

I must admit that I am not sure myself right now. Having said that, I was surprised with the release of the latest post in Oracle Leaning Library (available on Youtube)  “Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Hardware & Virtualization Management”.

Just select the link and enjoy the video to see what new features EM13c will bring us in the area of Hardware & Virtualization Management.Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 21.43.24


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