Monday October 3rd – Database performance tuning: Getting the best out of Oracle EM

Tariq Farooq

an Oracle ACE en founder of BrainSurface

During the presentation a clear explanation if given of the Database performance process using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Showing several examples from the Database Performance Tab and showing the advantage of several linked features like Top Activity, Blocking Sessions.

The presentation next focuses on the three A’s for Database Performance Tuning:

  • ASH  (Activity Summery History)
  • AWR (Activity Workload Repository)
  • ADDM (Automatic Data Diagnostic Monitoring)

Realizing AWR is the successor of the former statspack feature, several examples are given of how to interpret some of the output.

I think a very good and solid presentation, focusing merely on novice users of which there are a lot in the OEM GC arena.


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