Notification of a possible issue with Linux kernel causing high CPU on EM Agents

I wanted to push out a short note in case you are unaware but we’re recently published a blog entry about a possible issue with customer running on Linux after the introduction of the leap-second last weekend 30-Jun-2012.  We’re seeing some reports of customers where the EM Agent (which is Java based now in EM12c) is observed to consume high levels of CPU on hosts where they are running.

We’ve identified this as a bug which was discovered in the Linux kernel which seems to largely affect Java JVM’s causing them to exhibit high levels of CPU.  Not all customers will be affected but initial investigations show that systems which are moderate to higher loaded seem to be more at risk of seeing the problem.
For more details we’ve got a blog post that expands on the details and provides links to the necessary MOS resources to work through this issue.

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