Setup Database as a Service using EM12c

I have been struggling for some time to complete this paper on the setup of DBaaS. Actually everything went fine, except for the final step where a Self Service Portal user requested for a new Database. After some analysis it appears that the integration I did immediate after the installation of my EM12c box with OVM Manager 3.1, was the “stand in the way” to successfully complete this final step.

After removing the integration between EM12c and OVM Manager 3.1 I finally managed to execute a successful Database request from the Self Service Portal. So, take care when working in a similar setup and trying to the DBaaS setup!

Resolution was with full assistance of Oracle Support (thanks to them).  A bug was registered and will be subject for a fix.

Anyway, please find here the paper describing the full setup using EM12c – (+PSU1). Have fun reading it.

Setup Database as a Service using EM12c


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