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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Setup Database as a Service using EM12c DB Plugin

15 February, an update of some Plugins was released.

The new version of the DB plugin ( includes several new features in the area of diagnostics, High Availability, Manageability, RAC and Grid Infrastructure, Security etc.

The list of new plugins include the brand new plugin “Oracle Storage Management Framework”, enabling Snap Clone functionality leveraging the “Snapshot” and Copy features of the underlying storage. The new and updated plugins are packaged with new features including “Testing as a Service”, “Snap Clone”, “Schema as a Service” and “RMAN based Database Provisioning”.

This document describes an example of the setup of the Database Cloud, by using a Service Template that is based on a DBCA template. It also shows an example of the execution of a request made by a user in the Self Service Portal, using the newly created Service Template.

Setup Database as a Service using EM12c – DB Plugin

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