Application Performance Monitoring: Instrument Java on Kubernetes for Monitoring and Diagnostics

Application Performance Monitoring (APM), an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) native service, enables DevOps engineers and application administrators to monitor end-users experience and application performance by tracing and correlating transactions through multiple components and application logic distributed across various clients, third-party services, and backend tiers, in the Cloud or on-premises.

With applications running as a container in Kubernetes it can be difficult to understand what is happening when the applications do not perform as expected. The container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes introduced new scalability and fault tolerance capabilities but made the data flow through the application components less transparent.

For microservices-based applications developed for an open-source Java-based framework – example Spring Boot, Java agents can provide automatic instrumentation and deep insight into the internals of the application.

Read the complete article by Daniela Hansell


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