Alert and analyze Oracle GoldenGate logs to locate issues faster with OCI Logging, Notifications and Logging Analytics

We’ll show how you can source Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) server logs with OCI Logging to proactively notify through OCI Notification when an error is detected in the logs. Then use Service Connector Hub to route the logs into Logging Analytics for detailed analysi and root-cause identification.

You can use the OGG error log to view:

  • See a history of GGSCI commands used
  • View the Oracle GoldenGate processes that started and stopped
  • Understand what processing was performed
  • Check if any errors occurred or if there were any informational and warning messages

Since the OGG error log details events as they occurred in sequence, it is a good method to use for detecting the cause of an error. For example, you might discover that:

  • Someone stopped a process
  • A process failed to make a TCP/IP or database connection
  • A process could not open a file

The are several ways the error log can be natively viewed:

Read the complete article by Vishak Chittuvalapil


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