Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights now supports Oracle Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure

Exadata Insights application within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Operations Insights service now has support for Oracle Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure in the Oracle public cloud.

Exadata Insights provides a holistic view of all Exadata systems across your enterprise (on-premises and cloud) to help you optimize their capacity for your proactive planning and database consolidation use cases.

Key Exadata Insights capabilities

OCI Operations Insights enables business executives, database professionals, or those in IT Ops or DevOps roles to make informed, data-driven compute resource, and performance management decisions. Key Operations Insights Exadata Insights capabilities include:

  • Ability to analyze resource usage of databases, Exadata systems, and hosts across the enterprise
  • Forecast future demand for resources based on historical trends
  • Compare SQL performance across databases and identify common patterns
  • Identify SQL performance trends across databases enterprise-wide
  • Support of Exadata on-premises and the cloud

Read the complete article by Murtaza Husain


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