Privileged Access Management (PAM) integration with Enterprise Manager

With security a top focus of every enterprise, more organizations are employing Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.  PAM solutions eliminate the need for hard-coded application credentials embedded in applications, scripts, or configuration files, and allow highly sensitive passwords to be centrally stored, logged, and managed within the Vault. This unique approach enables organizations to comply with internal and regulatory compliance requirements of periodic password replacement, and monitor and audit privileged access across all systems, databases, and applications. PAM solutions help provide secure privileged access to critical assets like database and hosts by centrally managing account passwords and provide access rules for both privileged and non-privileged accounts to control who can use those accounts to log on to your assets. For Enterprise Manager (EM) customers that use PAM providers like CyberArk, Centrify, HashiCorp, Oracle Key Vault, etc… we have an extensible EM credential framework that is integrated with them.  The integration enables database management, database patching, and running host commands in accordance with security compliance policies.

This blog details EM integration with PAM providers so customers can use it to automate and  further secure databases within their enterprise. Many features of EM are available with secure password access from PAM and protect against compromised credentials and breaches.

Read the complete article Sumesh Balakrishnan


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