Oracle ranked leader for hybrid cloud and multicloud management

I am excited to share this important news and the key aspects of Oracle’s solution that led to this prestigious designation, two years running.  

Oracle has had deep expertise in Enterprise IT operations and database automation for over two decades with its industry-leading investment in Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM). Today, tens of thousands of Oracle customers use Oracle’s EM manageability solution for monitoring and managing diverse IT environments.

With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, Oracle recognized the industry’s need to manage and support an ever-growing array of computing environments: on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multicloud. As companies deploy on the cloud, in containers, and deploy microservices, the scale and complexity of processing and analyzing data for typical IT operations tasks including performance monitoring, problem troubleshooting, and capacity planning become unmanageable. Applying advancements in artificial intelligence / machine learning and analytics enable prescriptive insight and answers in real-time to avoid incidents or resolve them faster. This led to the inception of the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform (O&M), a cloud-native set of services designed and built to help companies observe, manage, and gain deeper insights into their environments. Whether you use Oracle Enterprise Manager or Oracle O&M, you can achieve higher automation, better service levels, reduced complexity, and lower costs. For most customers, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle – leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager for deep monitoring and management of Oracle Databases deployed in the cloud or on-premises while leveraging Oracle O&M for its cloud-native AIOps and stack capabilities for development, AIOps, SRE, and other use cases.

Read the complete article by Moe Fardoost


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