OS Analytics – Deep Dive Into Your OS

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides a feature called “OS Analytics”. This feature allows you to get a better understanding of how the Operating System is being utilized. You can research the historical usage as well as real time data. This post will show how you can benefit from OS Analytics and how it works behind the scenes.

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Attended an interesting Webcast on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0

You may want to watch the Webcast on demand:

Introducing Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0: The Logical Choice for Running Business Applications

Some questions that came across in the session I attended:

what about EM Cloud Control 12c?

while you can already use EM to manage your Exalogic, there is additional capabilities with Exalogic operations control as of today with a EM cloud control 12c integration coming soon.

On the moment this integration with EM CC 12c is realized, will we then need OPS Center to manage / monitor our Exalogic boxes?

it will be an overall integrated management solution with ops center functionality blended into the overall tooling.

The Virtual Layer that is built in, is this based on Oracle VM 3?

The virtual capabilities in Exalogic are based on OVM, with additional work put into making the combination of OVM virtualization capabilities and Exalogic and engineered solution, specifically with respect to performance.

Which Operating System is supported on Exalogic Elastic Cloud?

Exalogic Elastic Cloud currently supports Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris, when deployed in a non-virtualized configuration. When server virtualization is used, the Oracle Linux operating system may be used as a guest operating system.