Explore the newest features in OCI Operations Insights

OCI Operations Insights, introduced last year as part of the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management platform, continues to grow and gain popularity!  It helps you gather insights into the infrastructure and database resources, performs data-driven capacity planning and performance management, and enables improvements to applications throughput.

This blog summarizes the key new capabilities in OCI Operations Insights for the last few weeks.

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Discover and monitor database components with less effort using OCI Database Management

In addition to Database Management’s comprehensive database performance diagnostics and management capabilities for Oracle Databases, Database Management now supports the monitoring of components that comprise Oracle Database systems! Database administrators can use Database Management to discover Oracle database systems located on premises (External Database Systems) and monitor the entire ecosystem. These capabilities greatly reduce the effort required to discover the components separately.

Use Database Management to discover the following components as a single resource using the Oracle database system resource-type:

  • Clusters
  • Databases
  • ASM
  • Listeners

Database Management provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the components and helps identify availability and performance issues before they impact the database.

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Find performance issues faster with new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management service features

The new feature enhancements for Database Management (DBM) service in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) help rectify degrading performance trends before they become larger issues. OCI DBM provides a single-pane-of-glass view to track weekly resource trends with a concise overview to manage a healthy database environment. Database groups combine database resources – in the cloud or in a data center – to track the top trending databases across CPU, memory, or throughput usage to efficiently triage at-risk environments. Once a database has been identified as declining in overall performance, the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) can be invoked to assist in identifying the root cause of the degradation.

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Quickly Monitor and Manage Databases with a Cloud Service

For DevOps, developers, DBAs, and IT team members looking for a quick and robust way to monitor and manage databases, these highlights from a technical session may be good news. Oracle experts describe top uses for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management Service and specifically around managing databases in a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment using a cloud-based solution. This session was part of Oracle Observability and Management at Oracle Database World and this session can be found here.

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