Host Monitoring just got easier in Stack Monitoring

Last September, we introduced support for host observability with Stack Monitoring.  Stack Monitoring focuses on the discovery and monitoring of applications and application stack technologies such as Oracle Database, WebLogic Server, and E-Business Suite.  With host monitoring, operations teams get more complete visibility into the application tech stack, enabling them to correlate possible application performance degradation with status or resource utilization issues of the underlying on-premises hosts or OCI compute instances on which their applications are running.

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Use Oracle Enterprise Manager data with OCI to unlock new insights

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 customers gain greater operations, capacity planning, and forecasting insight by enabling rich Enterprise Manager target-level data and sharing it with Oracle Cloud Observability & Management platform services. Enterprise Manager transfers data from managed targets and Oracle Management Repository (OMR) to OCI Object Storage, where it is accessible by Oracle Cloud O&M services like Operations Insights, Logging Analytics, etc. In this three part blog series, we will be covering how to get Enterprise Manager data into OCI Object Storage (This post) and how to leverage that data in OCI Operations Insights (Part 2) and how to leverage that data in OCI Logging Analytics (Part3)..

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Announcing support for Exadata monitoring in Performance Hub

Performance Hub for Exadata Overview

In this blog, we look at how to identify various performance issues using Performance Hub features for Exadata monitoring.

Performance Hub now has a new tab for Exadata. This tab provides a unified view of Oracle Exadata hard disk and flash performance statistics with deep insight into the health and performance of all components, such as the Oracle databases, Oracle Exadata storage cells, and Automatic Storage Management (ASM). You can use the Exadata tab for enhanced performance diagnostics for databases deployed on Exadata systems.

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