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Analyze Long-term Performance Across Enterprise Databases Using AWR Warehouse

Just came accross a great video on youtube and I think you should watch it…


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Want to get rid of your crontab jobs?

Using Enterprise Manager and want to get rid of your crontab jobs?

Read all about how to implement your jobs in the EM Job System in Convert crontab jobs to Enterprise Manager Jobs by Adeesh Fulay.

YES, at now costs…!


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Managing Siebel configurations – EM12c

Most of the post on my blog relate to Data Center focus monitoring and management.

EM12c Cloud Control also allows for complete Application monitoring and management. By means of the Application Management Suites monitoring and management for the following applications are available:

  • E-Business Suite
  • Siebel
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Fusion Applications

Oracle’s blog on EM introduces a new white paper on Oracle Best Practices for managing Siebel. Checkout this post written by Scott McNeil Best Practices for Managing Siebel Configurations


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Sitemap – Quick access to any target related action

Just another nice and handy feature in EM12c – the Target Sitemap

For instance from the All Targets page, right click a Target and select Home – Target Sitemap, which will bring up the Target Sitemap page allowing you quic access to any targe related action…

Target Sitemap 1

Target Sitemap 2

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Monitoring the Monitor – EM

When dealing with a high target volume OMS, you need to get and stay in control of its health and stability.

EM 12.1.04 now gives us additional features to be aware of:

  • Initialization parameter compliance for you EM repository database
  • The status of all Repository Jobs
  • Metric loading characteristics
  • Purge policies

Just take a look at this interesting post on Oracle’s blog on EM Cloud Control to Major Tom, written by Andrew Bulloch



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Exporting Job Definitions – EM

For a long time we have been seeking for the possibility to export job definitions from one EM environment to another. Most helpful when you are using a separate development/test environment (I think you should have one…).

After creation and testing of your job definition you would than want to export the Job definition to your Production environment.

EM now allows us to do so!

Read more on this feature on Oracle’s blog on EM, in this article Job System Easter Eggs written by Adeesh Fulay.



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EM12c Release 4: Database as a Service Enhancements

On june 3rd EM12c got released, as I mentioned in one of my posts.

Today I noticed this interesting article on Database as a Service that has many enhancements in R4.

Checkout the post on Oracle’s blog on EM12c:

EM12c Release 4: Database as a Service Enhancements

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EM12c – Service Level Management – 1

The next 2-3 days I will be spending some time in showing you guys some of the new features that have been introduced in the SLM area.

Up to release SLM in EM12c was a bit ‘behind’ when it comes to refined intuitive UI, and clear and understandable insight.

EM12c Release drastically changes this and brings you a new cut of pages and features, all in the area of Service Level Management.

Allow me to give you a brief overview…

All former UIX pages have been replaced by ADF.

As you can see a quick menu has been introduced in the top of the page, allowing to quick navigate to:

  • Performance / Incidents page
  • SLA Dashboard
  • Test summary page
  • Service Topology
  • Blackout creation
  • Blackout ending


Read the rest of this entry »

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EM12c released!

Ok guys, just checkout OTN to find the latest release of EM12c

Check out Oracle’s blog on EM12c Oracle Delivers latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Find out all new and changed features in New features in EM12c

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JVM Diagnostics as a Service

Just published in the Oracle Learning Library:

JVM Diagnostics as a Service

Runing JVM diagnostics without having JVMD installed…

Just take some time to watch the video…

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