This Blog is created by Rob Zoeteweij, Senior Oracle Consultant.

I am in Oracle technology since 1985. Started with Oracle Release 3 on VAX/VMS – PDP-11 all the way up to release 13.3

Since 2003 worked for 2,5 years for Oracle Expert Services (Netherlands) and since 2007 working as an independent Oracle Consultant.

The primary focus during the last 15 years is Oracle RDBMS, RAC, ASM and Oracle Enterprise Manager – Cloud Control.

Apart of working on implementation of EM Cloud Control on several large projects, I have also been working as freelance trainer at 5-Hart IT Training – Netherland, Oracle University and the Oracle Partner Program.

November 2010 I became an Oracle ACE

You can see a more detailed profile on http://www.linkedin.com/in/robzoeteweij

July the 1st 2018, I joined Oracle Consulting Services (Netherlands) again. I need to express that all comments made and information I share with you guys on this blog, are mine and not necessarily Oracle’s.

Starting November 2018, I will extend the focus on this blog beyond EM Cloud Control and start writing on other subjects like the Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Database. I hope it will be of interest to you guys, any feedback is appreciated.

Kind regards

Rob Zoeteweij
Technical Director
Oracle Tech Cloud Services



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