ADDM Spotlight provides strategic advice to optimize Oracle database performance

ADDM has new Spotlight capability in Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights service (Operations Insights).

For years Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) has provided Oracle Database Administrators with a continuous stream of findings and recommendations for optimizing database and application performance. ADDM analyzes Automated Workload Repository (AWR) performance snapshots as soon as they are created, once per hour (typically), using Oracle’s proven time-based performance optimizing methodology.

ADDM findings are statements about database time, the fundamental measure of database performance, and the amount of database time (DB Time) involved is the “impact” of the finding.  Similarly, recommendations are actions that can potentially be taken to reduce the DB Time of a given finding, and the amount of time they may save is the “benefit”.  Findings may have multiple recommendations because there may be more than one way to reduce the DB Time for any given finding.

ADDM Spotlight aggregates these hourly findings and recommendations over longer periods such as a week or month. The longer time window enables DBAs and system administrators to assess the systemic impact of implementing ADDM recommendations over all the workloads serviced by the database. Administrators can weigh the total benefits of big changes against the cost and/or risk of implementation and make better performance management decisions.

Read the complete article by Anusha Vojjola and Derik Harlow


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